The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival in Hong Kong, April 1, 2017

The inaugural Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Hong Kong 2017 is held at the Singapore International School (Hong Kong) on April 1st 2017 (Saturday) from 10AM to 12.30PM. The Festival inspires students to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through activities that encourage collaborative and creative problem-solving. See our Program and Frequently-Asked Questions for more information.

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals allow young people to develop their talent for mathematics by providing problems, puzzles, and activities that are intriguing and accessible in a non-competitive atmosphere. A diverse audience of young people, school teachers, math lovers in the community come together to explore the joys and power of mathematics with the goal of broadening society's appreciation and support of mathematics.

All students in Hong Kong, particularly ages 10 to 14, are strongly encouraged to apply. Please complete the online payment on the Eventbrite system and submit the completed Registration Form by email to

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